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Feelings and Sensations Exhibition


Vanessa Tamayo, Columbian Artist


Your invitation to a private launch, fizz and canapés provided by Canapé Box at Dantzig Gallery
7.00 – 9.00pm Thursday 29 November

Feelings and Sensations Exhibition visits Woodstock on it’s journey through the cities of Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and Miami.

“Feelings and Sensations” is a self-portrait, my intention is to connect with other women’s feelings and sensations.  Women are the protagonists, they are naked as a reflection of how they feel themselves as opposed how the society sees them, and therefore wants to dress and ‘decorate’ them.

In the exploratory exercise to tell a story, I use women’s clothing and different fabrics like sequins, velvet and others simulating to “dress” and recreate the feeling, setting up an additional channel to generate the connection with the work.

To connect through the stories that I tell from “Feelings and Sensations” where the substrate of the piece is another channel that activates the connection with the sensation and feelings that I draw from the intimacy of solitude by spinning in 3 channels: White, Black and Blue.



7-30 June 2018

West Cornwall became an influential centre for modernist art in the mid-20th century. Among the pivotal artists to set up practise in the area were Patrick Heron and Sir Terry Frost – the stars of this exhibition.

Our selection of pictures will focus on the work of these masters of abstraction – characterised by dramatic blasts of light, shape and colour – in pictures inspired by landscape and sea.

This is art which thrives in vivid, luminous colour and whose popularity is enduring.

Celebrating Henri Matisse’s Jazz 

Henri Matisse’s illustrations for Jazz recently celebrated their 60th birthday.

Join Dantzig as we mark this occasion with a dazzling display of the entire series of 20 works.

Our vibrant lithographs were commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art New York  – and printed directly from the original 1947 pochoir plates.

Their colours are so luminous that Matisse’s doctor even advised their maker to wear sunglasses while working on them.

Come and find out why next Thursday evening – 26 April – from 7.30-9.30pm

The exhibition is open to the public from 27 April to 5 May and 8-17 May at Dantzig Gallery.

And on 6 May we will be presenting the pictures in a one day pop-up show at the 2018 Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

Please RSVP to [email protected] or phone 01993 812000 by 5pm on Thursday as this launch is expected to be extremely busy.


1 March – 8 April 2018

For five weeks in Spring 2018, Dantzig and South Moreton Boxing Club jointly hosted Picasso Baby – a celebration of the artist’s work.

At our Woodstock gallery we presented original drawings and linocuts made between 1930 and 1958. Meanwhile, over at South Moreton, this display was complimented by a pop-up show of vintage lithographs and posters.

The joint hosting between venues enabled Dantzig to present an exhibition which opened its doors to the public at 6.30am – when training at the boxing club begins – and which stayed open until 10pm five nights per week.

The collaboration explored the perfect collision between artistic and sporting excellence – and doubled accessibility to a knockout show.


8-28 February 2018

Pop Art laid down its roots in post-war Britain when young artists such as Peter Blake began to embrace the glamour of popular culture in their work.  Across the Atlantic, superstar artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein carried the momentum further – elevating everything from soup tins to comic books to the status of fine art.

Original screen prints and lithographs from all three of these artists featured in Whaam! Pop Art – the first exhibition at Dantzig Gallery to be dedicated to this shockwave movement in the history of 20th century art.

We also showcased emerging artists whose work carries all the hallmarks of Pop, including Tehos Frederick Camilleri, who makes work influenced by vintage film, and Peter Stark, who tips his hat to both Lichtenstein and the music of Wu Tang Clan. Their contributions demonstrate how the legacy of Pop continues to resonate in 2018.

The gallery also displayed original work on canvas by Xavier Renegade, whose output reflects a fan’s obsessive delight in portraying iconic figures from the world of music, from David Bowie to Prince.

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