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Salvador Dalí Lithograph: La Naissance de Venus (Birth Of Venus)

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Medium: Original Etching , 1971, in black ink with stencil colours on BFK Rives FRANCE watermarked paper, signed and numbered by the artist in pencil

Printed by: Atelier Rigal

Published by: Visions Nouvelle, c.1975

Size: 5.7 x 56.5 cm, Image size 58 x 39 cm

Edition: EA (Artist’s proof)

Reference: Michler-Lopsinger – Dali Etchings no 492. ; Albert Field 71-8-A (Pages 67)

Condition: Good

This was Issued by Vision Nouvelle in the series: Mythologie Nouvelle, 1971. The suite consisted of 12 etchings: Triumph de Venus – Prestel 481 – Les Dames de la Renaissance – Prestel 482 – Venus d’Amour – Prestel 483 – Venus au jouer d’orgue – Prestel 484 – Jugement de Paris – Prestel 485 – Le Printemps – Prestel 486 – Venus, Mars et Cupid – Prestel 487 – Enlevment d’Europe – Prestel 488 Sirene au dauphin – Prestel 489 – Adam et Eve – Prestel 490 – Couple a cheval – Prestel 491 – La Naissance de venus – Prestel 492.

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