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Theo Tobiasse (1927-1997)

Tobiasse was born in Israel in 1927 to a Lithuanian family who had moved to Israel to find the promised land. In 1931 his family travelled through Europe and settled in France.  During the Nazi occupation of Paris, the Tobiasse family lived hidden for two years in an apartment where, through feeble daylight, Theo produced a large portfolio of drawings. Following the war Tobiasse became a successful advertising artist before entering his first art show in 1960. Here he won the Grand Prize and has enjoyed worldwide success since.

His work is pervaded with the themes of exile, of women as both mothers and lovers, and of childhood memories of Lithuania. Exile had become his main interest later in his life as he reminisced about his childhood. His works are rich with emotions of his life, memories, sentiment  and the exultation of the senses. Tobiasse attributed his works to real life experiences and practised art as a way of expressing his emotions. His works also include Biblical or erotic fantasies.

Tobiasse also worked in etching, lithography, poetry and many more mediums and these works have been exhibited all over the world.

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