Joan Miro (1893 – 1983)

UBU Roi (Plate 11)

Medium: Original Lithograph in colours on Arches paper with narrow margins

Description: This was part of a series of 13 Lithographs entitled ‘Ubi Roi’. Ubu Roi is a play first performed in Paris at the Theatre de l’Oeuvre, causing a riotous response in the audience as it opened and closed in December 1895. It is considered a wild, bizarre and comic piece, significant for the way it overturns cultural rules, norms, and conventions. For those who were in the audience on that night to witness the response, it seemed an event of revolutionary importance. It is now seen by some to have opened the door for what became known as Modernism in the 20th century. It is a precursor to Dada, Surrealism and the Theatre of the Absurd. It is the first of three stilted burlesques in which Jarry satirises power, greed, and their evil practices – in particular the propensity of the complacent bourgeoisie to abuse the authority engendered by success.

Edition: The edition consisted of 205 signed and numbered copies and 25 additional copies. Ours is a proof outside these editions on smaller margined paper

Year: 1966

Size: 85.2 x 42 cm (Paper size) or 82.1 x 40.9 cm (Image size)

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