Ignacio Trelis (1960 – Present)

Educated in a family with a deep love and taste for art, he is deeply attracted to painting and especially to the Spanish school in Rome. The figure of the Reusan painter Mariano Fortuny has been and continues to be his greatest exponent and example, and is considered as a faithful devotee and supporter of this modality or artistic current that occurred between the nineteenth and the twentieth century, known for its luminescent preciosity .

Ignacio Trelis has to be defined as a painter made himself, who has found his own style based on studies, research, techniques and artistic models. Today this research leads him to cover aspects of a certain abstraction, linked to the most realistic figurativism, obtaining a work of a personal and unique character in the current panorama. In the trajectory of the painter initiated in the year 1983 he has participated in different exhibitions, mainly in an individual way, although he also does it in a collective way, in different art halls of national and international scope.