Robert (1965 – Present) and Renato (1968 – Present)

Roberto 1965 and Renato 1968 born in Monza, Milano. Generally when they tell people, that they are two brothers and they work and live together in harmony, they look at them with astonishment, as if it were an incredible thing.

Since they were children it has been a natural journey for them to enjoy, play and create adventures that over time has turned into an artistic-creative process.

They immediately avoided the classic high school – academy – gallery path.

The spirit that guided their choices was that typical of the Renaissance artist, eclectic, multi-faceted, universal, interested in facing the most diverse disciplines. For two years they have traveled between South America and South East Asia, collecting human experiences and discovering new cultures, giving them time to develop thoughts on any interesting matter that they could represent in two dimensions.

In 2008 they arrived in Amsterdam and begun their first full-time experiments throughout a winter. The results were satisfactory so they looked for a tactical base where to establish ourselves and start working intensely. Thus moving to Valencia in Spain.