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Dantzig Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Tommy Fiendish – a radical dialogue between painting, collage, printmaking and kinetic art. The exhibition, Fiendish’s first major showing outside of London, features site-specific works created especially for the gallery, alongside works the Hackney-based artist calls “Classic Tommy Style.”

Fiendish’s pictures contain a magnetic mythology. They mash 1950s tattoo signatures of swans, skulls and cadavers up with a nostalgic, Tomorrow’s World glimpse at the future.

A master-illustrator, Fiendish dabs illicit swabs of colour across his canvasses, asthough he can’t let go of his own legend as a heretic-maker of pictures, on the brickwork of Great Eastern Street.

His working process begins with 2D images of abandoned property. The staircases of Victor Horta. He proceeds though a process of automatism to pencil and paint memories of which he claims he is unconscious. If we were brave, we would call the show Art vs. The Met.

The results, visible in large-scale paintings and works on paper, will be on display at the gallery from 30 November until 27 December.

Artists Biography

I have worked in various creative industries including tattoo artist, sign writer, set design, mural/ street artist and draw upon my experience in my current practice as a freelance painter. I am also experienced in sound and electronic music which comes into play when working with video and animation.

Although experimental, my core process lies with acrylics on un-primed linen. Teaming expressive marks and abstract ideas with pockets of graphic detail, painted with a minimal pallet mainly monochrome and two or three colours. Currently painting surreal figurative and architectural scenes using old images and metaphors to represent modern situations. It’s a dystopian social commentary, with a twist of macabre drollery.

Working in series allows me to explore ideas, themes and techniques. Although the subject varies there is a continuity in the tone. I enjoy creating a sense of drama within the work. This can be dialled back to a level of contained urgency and a sense of foreboding or unleashed, in full dramatic force.

I paint because I have been affected by something, usually an image or a vision that has given me a physical sensation and altered my current state. It’s work you feel as well as view.

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