In Conversation with Jeff Clarke: Terry Frost

Thursday 13th June, 7-9pm at Dantzig Gallery

This talk will shed light on Terry Frost, his artwork and academic career by friend and colleague Jeff Clarke.

Jeff Clarke is a member of the Royal Society of Painter Print Makers and it was through his artistic practice as a painter and printer that he met Terry Frost in 1963, when Frost and his family moved to 2 Old Parr Road in Banbury. Frost’s reputation at this point was well established, and he was consistently included in major exhibitions of abstract art in Britain and touring internationally. Both being painters, they travelled in the same circles of friends at events and exhibitions. Over the years, they became good friends, and both frequently exhibited their work at galleries within Oxfordshire such as Bear Lane Galley and Modern Art Oxford.

In 1970, Clarke was going through a difficult time in which Frost asked him to teach at Reading University in the etching room. Clarke worked together for a decade, occasionally even printing Frost’s artwork for him.

Frost’s abstraction influenced Clarke, as he had a deep formal interest in Frost’s artwork that began when he was a student. However, Clarke realised abstract art wasn’t for him and went back to his real interest in figurative and still life painting, working in both oil and acrylic. Clarke is still working in his studio daily and branching out as a printmaker in his 80’s to explore methods of bringing colours into his otherwise monochrome prints. He is represented by established Print Dealer, Elizabeth Harvey-Lee.