1.Trust your Instinct
Only buy something you love looking at. Scientists have said that people make a connection within the first second they see a piece of art. The question shouldn’t be “Could I live with it?” but “Could I live without it?”.

2. Delve into the History of the Artist
Most artists have great life stories. Reading up about their history may change the way you perceive their work or might make a connection with your own story. This will make the work you are considering much more personal.

3. Original Prints are a great affordable option
Limited edition prints became a major way for Artists to make more money, as well as expanding their collector base. Original prints are a good way to start collecting your favourite artist, as they tend to be more affordable then unique works like paintings and drawings.

4. Frame it well
Remember that simple is usually better. Keep the focus on the artwork and not the frame. A mount should be kept simple, and for works on paper, should match the paper colour. We can recommend a very good framer!

5. Experiment on its position in the house
If you hang an artwork at home and it doesn’t feel right, move it. Try putting it in different places, and see if it works well with other works on your wall. Small pieces work well near light switches, or hung low over a small piece of furniture like a bedside table. Grouping works can be really effective.

6. Be ruthless
Your tastes will change over time. But you can fall in love with something twice. If you’re not loving a piece on the wall, don’t be afraid to shelve it for a while. You can hang it again a few years later, perhaps in a different place in your home.