David Freud

David Freud (born 19 August 1964) David was the youngest son of Kathryn (Kay) McAdam and Lucian Freud. Ironically, it was David’s mother that inspired David to start creating art at age 3, with inspiration coming from his siblings and parents.A common narrative that reoccurs in David’s work is the development of symbols for man, woman and child. Relationships with nature, cyclical nature and nature of cycles is still an ongoing theme in his artwork and in his own life, as David has four children of his own.Unsurprising then to learn that david studied Psychology and Art at South Thames University and Counselling and Psychotherapy at Westminster Pastoral Foundation, the sensitive and caring nature emerging as a young man, although it was not until 2004 that David embarked on his journey as a professional artist.Usually David uses oil on canvas as his main medium but he has a range of materials and he often experiments until something is found that works. The process for creating a piece is described by David as, ‘Something that happens which I choose to use art to help me digest. I use notebooks to develop ideas, explore themes and processes, decide on a suitable place and time and make the necessary arrangements.’

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