Phillip Dutton-White

I am an artist and designer with over 50 years experience within my chosen profession. My work has taken me over 6 million miles, to all five continents and to virtually every major city in the world.Now spending most of my time in Malaga, Andalusia Spain, and Birmingham England, I still travel to Asia, the Middle East and America, working on various projects, lecturing in design and exhibiting my art within various galleries.I started to paint again in 2000, a gap of 35 years. Communication was the mainstay of my design profession, painting was just another extension or enhancement of this creative world. One where I could express a more personal view of people, machines and moments that had inspired me throughout life.My art is all about “excellence” and capturing the skills, talent, mastery, passion and the very soul of my subjects on canvas or paper in mixed medias. People and machines, which throughout history, have achieved and pushed the boundaries, in their chosen professions. Be it racing drivers and their machines, Michelin star chefs or sportsmen who have become “icons and legends” in their lifetime and inspired others to do the same.