Alberto Giacometti (1901 – 1966)

Nude with Flowers (Nu aux Fleurs)

Medium: Original Lithograph on BFK Rives watermarked paper with full margins

Description: Giacometti once remarked: ‘In a fire between a Rembrant and a cat, I would save the cat.’ Luckily for us he didn’t apply the same devil may care attitude to his own legacy and work. These original Alberto Giacometti signed lithographs are lovingly printed and signed by the artists himself. In October 1959 Giacometti met Yvonne Marguerite Poiraudeau, a prostitute in a bar. She called herself Caroline and she was 21 years old whilst the artist was 58. Caroline was particularly adept at using her eyes seductively and soon she began to pose for the artist. Wanting a part of her that no one else could touch, he purchased the bottom of one of her feet as his exclusive terrain. He made a number of portraits of her.

Edition: of 90

Signed in pencil by the artist

Year: 1960

Size: 37×28 cm (image size)/ 60×55 cm (sheet size)


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