Salvador Dali (1904 – 1989)

Pilades Loves Hermionne
From The Art of Loving Portfolio

Medium: Woodcut Engraving

Description: Dali’s The Art of Love portfolio was created in 1978 to accompany the songs of the same name written by Ovid almost 2000 years earlier. Illustrated with brilliant colour and rich detail, these images portray Ovid’s lessons on love, seduction and intrigue. The illustrations also emphasise Dali’s sensuality, both in subject matter and style, as well as his customary attention to the feminine, a theme that played a large part in the artist’s creative process. This portfolio, made up of etchings, lithographs, and woodcut engravings, is one of Salvador Dali’s most rare books.

Artist edition

Hand signed by the artist

Year: 1978

Size: 56cm x 38 cm


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