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Original exhibition poster from 1982 for expo of the Grapus artist group in Paris

Title: Mickey

Dimensions: 80cm x 60.5cm

Mounted and framed

Grapus was a group of graphic artists founded in 1970 in France. The group’s members were all members of the Communist party, and the group maintained an explicit political, social and cultural engagement. They produced cultural and political posters, in a highly distinctive style. In 1990, after receiving the French Grand prix national des arts graphiques, the collective faced a difficult ideological test when they had the opportunity to design the visual identity of the Louvre Museum. Bernard was in favor of taking the assignment, believing that design for cultural institutions could be a tool for social change. His partners wanted to design exclusively for social causes, found the Louvre to be elitist, and believed that taking the job would compromise their convictions. As a result, the collective decided to part ways in January 1991.

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