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Joan Miró Signed Etching: Barb I (s.8653)

This Joan Miro Signed Etching: Barb I has been professionally framed. If you’d like to make a purchase or have your questions answered please contact us or drop by our store in the beautiful environs of Woodstock.


Medium: Original Etching with Carborundum in colours, 1987, on Pearl Jaoan paper, signed with a stamp signature (as issued).

Size:  660 x 500 mms (paper size); 280 x 220 mms (Image size).

Note: This comes from a series of works for which the plates were made during the lifetime if the artist but were published after his death. There were 4 in the suite entitled BARB 1 to BARB IV.

Publisher: Taller 46, Barcelona, Spain.

Edition:  V/XXV There were 8 copies on Arches paper, stamped, marked P/A and numbered 1/8 to 8/8. 75 copies on Arches, numbered and stamped. 25  copies  on  Pearl  Japan,  stamped,  numbered  I/XXV  to  XXV/XXV  (from  which  our  example comes). 4 copies on pearl Japan, stamped, marked I/IV to IV/IV.

Reference: Jacques Dupin “Miro Engraver” Volume IV, 1976 – 1983 Number 1221 (Page 178). Published by: Taller 46, Barcelona in 1987.

Authentication: This is stamped verso : “Gravure Original certified Authentique. Pour la succes-sion Miro, Emilio F Miro (Joan Miro’s son) and signed by him.

Printed by: Joan Barbara, Taller 46, Barcelona, Spain.

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