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Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973)

Title:  Femme nue et homme a la canne (s.8432)  ARTSY
Nude woman and man with a stick
Medium: Original Lithograph, Mouguins, 2/11/1969, Crayon transfer paper transferred to stone, dated 11.2.69 in the stone,  signed by the artist in pencil,
Size:  332 x 425 mms (Paper size); 210 x 265 mms (Image size)
Edition: 7/125 – There was also an edition of 25 Hors commerce proofs
Printed by: Charles Feld (Paris Editions Cercle d’Art, 1969)
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Mourlot Sale 2003 – Lot 349
Note. This work was published to be included in the book “Picasso Designs 27/3/66. The print was supplied in a separate cardboard folder.
Provenance: Sapphire Princess Conn Cruise, no. G/22983 from whom purchased by Sumat Jain, Ontario on May 20th, 2007;
Private Collection, Burlington, Ontario
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